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We realize that selecting a qualified SEO company isn't something to be taken lightly, therefore please perform your due diligence to make sure the Agency is a good fit for your business. We would advise reviewing testimonials.

For your reference, we have included some testimonials below. Feel free to follow up with these professionals from LinkedIn. As you well know, LinkedIn is the most reputable website for networking professionals.


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Neng a great go to person that really has great Ideas for businesses that need not just SEO but need a boost as to ways to market in their area. Neng has the experience needed to help any small business owner not just get found on the busy Internet of today but he also has the knowledge and ability to help your business stand OUT from the crowd. I highly recommend him if you are looking for not just MORE customers but new and innovative ways to reach them.

I am recommending Neng Thao for your internet business projects. He is great with SEO and will do you proud by giving you a proper consultation then following through with the rankings. He's also skilled at social media as well and can foster growth for you while you focus on running your business.

Neng's expertise in SEO is second to none. We worked together and I learned a great deal of information from him. He uses the right strategies to get you exposure and on the first page of Google. If your business is stagnating and you're looking to take it to the next level do yourself a favor and get in contact with Neng.

If your business needs more exposure, traffic, and leads, talk to Neng Thao at 7Storms and it will be one of the wisest investment you've made for you business. He is skilled at SEO and also excels at marketing videos for YouYube and Google. Talk to him and tell him Amy sent ya.

Neng is a rockstar when it comes to SEO and online marketing! If you are having problems with ranking your website, video, or putting your business name on a map, he is your guy to go to!

I strongly advise you to hire Neng before your competition does, you will not regret it.

Neng always takes a systematic approach to SEO and understands that every situation is different, that's why he's successful. This is how you can distinguish an experienced SEO versus a novice, and that is their ability to evaluate and understand the big picture. That is why I would recommend Neng and 7Storms for any SEO endeavor.

Neng Thao and 7Storms are on the cutting edge of SEO, social media, and online marketing in general. It is a great pleasure to see someone so passionate about their work and customers. I would definitely recommend Neng.

For Neng, SEO is kind of second nature. He's very knowledgeable in Social Media and Video Marketing also, which combined with his SEO skills brings all the power and efficiency to drive traffic to any website. If you are struggling with your actual web agency, don't hesitate to ask for Neng's services.

Neng is your man when it comes to Digital Marketing. Knowledgable in all things to do with marketing your local business online, connecting and engaging your audience with your product and services. You will find his services invaluable in growing your presence on the web. He won't disappoint.

Neng is very knowledgeable when it comes to positioning and search engine optimization. I've learnt plenty from him and that has helped me grow my business and secure more clients. His ability to rank webistes and videos constantly at the top of different search engines, is remarkable. Considering the high amount of competition in this field, that is something most people cannot claim. Neng is a go to guy when it comes to making your business visible, increasing traffic, and growing your number of paying customers.

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