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Seeking a Skilled and Experienced San Jose SEO Expert? Which Problem Can We Help You Solve?

Your website is awesome but you want more calls

Being on this page, you most likely already realize that just because you have a top tier product or service doesn't necessarily translate to success. That's because customers don't know how to reach you. Therefore, consider organic traffic with search engine optimization (SEO).

If your business is relatively new, no matter how great your offerings are, it  takes time to brand or establish trust with customers. A shortcut, is to devote more time and resources to your marketing. Now, if you've been around for some time, have a great reputation, but still lack the traffic, it's most likely that there's a flaw with your current or lack of marketing strategy.

You tried researching and doing SEO yourself but realize it's a full time job so no thanks

SEO is a learned skill if you want professional results. And with the proper investment training, and funding, can lead to massive success. The only problem is that it also takes an equally massive commitment in time as well to be a proficient marketing expert. Therefore, if you don't have staff solely dedicated to it, this can be one of the worse skill to try and learn while running your company. That's because ranking websites is unpredictable and with every move you make, can take months for results to reflect in the SERP (search engine results page). So, if you made a bad decision, this can potentially set you back for months.

You hired a SEO expert who claimed to have a magic bullet but can't get you any results

The first thing to understand about ranking websites is there's no magic bullet. Any guru or expert who claims to be able to get you results for $199/month, stay far far away from them. Here's why. Any highly skilled SEO expert in San Jose who does "real" work  needs to invest an ample amount of time, practice, and money into each client if they want to get professional results. They need to perform ongoing monitoring, research, outreach, and constantly invest into proper linking methodologies. This is also why someone with the magic bullet will also fail, because no two clients are exactly the same.

You've been penalized by Google

This is obviously not good. If your website was pushed 20 to 30 or more spots back, or even worse - deindexed, you need address this immediately. For every moment you're not listed in the SERP, potential traffic and revenue is lost. What needs to be done now is a full website and back links audit by a trained San Jose SEO expert, which will take considerable time. During this investigation, the expert or consultant will need to evaluate each link as well as reach out to Google and provide an explanation.

Your competitor is currently outranking you and taking your clients

Studies show that 93% of all people who perform searches, click a website on the front page. The higher up the ranking a website is, the more clicks it receives. Therefore, if your competitor is outranking you in the SERP, there's a good chance they're taking your clients. Unless your brand is vastly superior to their's, a person with no knowledge of either of your brands will click on the higher ranked website first. Also, if they're on the first page and you're not, there's also a high likelihood that they have a professional SEO expert working for them.

Client Reviews: 
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"This 7Storms in Sacramento is one of the best SEO company out there! The results are outstanding, communication is top notch, and customer experience was fantastic. First page in the organic searches. I'd never thought it'd be possible in my industry. Can't thank them enough!"

- Robert Bedford

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"7 Storms knows their search engine optimization. Loved them for keeping us updated with the project as well as latest  industry news. Team work is excellent and the prompt feedback we received from businesses in our city appreciated. Yes, we are not hesitating to recommend them!"

- Andra Burnette

The 7Storms' Solution

In the world of search engine optimization, there is no constant. In fact, the only sure bet is one thing - there will be changes.

What separates us from the rest is our dedication to systems, research and development, and ongoing training. Yes, we actively participate and engage in discussions with a mastermind consisting of the top digital marketing professionals in the world.

Therefore, with our experience, training, and time tested methods and strategies on hundreds of sites, we understand what works and what doesn't.

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The 7Storms' solutions for San Jose is broken down into three phases

Phase 1 - On-Page

To be successful in Silicon Valley, your foundation must be solid. Therefore, under Phase 1, we start a thorough audit of your existing website's "on-page" optimization. We will analyze and make recommendations on the following:

  • Tags and Descriptions
  • Content
  • Speed of website
  • Schema
  • Security
  • Indexing
  • Internal Links
  • Mobile Friendliness
  • ...And More

Phase 2 -Off-Page

This is where the majority of the work will happen "off-page". During this month, the goal is simple, and that's to start building authorization to the root of your website. This work that is performed off-page is what will determine a SEO agency's competent, and worth. Thus, it is a major factor in how far you will move up the rankings - or not.

  • Citations - local directories
  • Social Accounts - Google My Business, Facebook, Twitters, Social sites, etc.
  • Press Releases and Distribution
  • Sponsorships for Scholarships to obtain ".edu" links
  • Guest Posts and Outreach
  • Authority Links from sites such as Huffington Post, Forbes, Entrepreneur, etc.
  • Infographics
  • ...And More

Phase 3 - Maintenance

As your website moves up the rankings and Google evolves, so will we to keep up-to-date. We will continuously work on the tasks above, as well as monitor and increase the reach of your brand into the community.

  • Site Growth - Landing Pages, De-Canniblization of inner pages, etc.
  • Conversions - Visual Flow and Copywriting
  • Trust - Add Elements and Improve Upon Existing
  • Rank Social and Video - Why not have multiple sites or videos rank on the first page?
  • Link Building - Continuously Build to Stay Ahead of the Competition
  • Extend Reach - Rank for more keywords, extend to other cities, or both


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Jennifer Chiles

Excellent company that's understands white hat SEO. Was looking for someone like them. Since, our organic results have steadily climbed every month. Can't wait to see what it will be like 3 months from now. We're a law firm.

James Gould

I am very grateful for the quality of work 7 Storms has done for me thus far. There were many things performed and accomplished with the digital marketing that I could not have done by myself. They added elements to my site that I would never have thought of that made it rank. I will be happy to work with them again no doubt about it.

Anthony Guinn

What can I say about 7Storms. Just like frosted flakes, they've been grrreat! A pleasure to work with and very responsive on emails. Whenever I had a question, Neng promptly responded to clarify the details. Great job!

So How Long Will This Take?

In SEO, the only certainty is that it's always changing. However, from our past experiences, results are determined by such factors as the strength of your website, the competition, and of course Google.

In an ultra high competitive market like San Jose, CA, website ranking success can still be achieved. So, generally speaking of course, typical results (1st page rankings) are seen in as little as about 3 months for establish sites. For new sites, usually about 6 to 8 months or even longer.

What About Cost?

Cost is generally determined by the keywords, search volumes, and PPC (Pay Per Click) value of the keywords. So as you can see, will vary for each business depending upon the city and competition. Once we provide you with the video analysis, this will be broken down and explained. But if you must have a "ballpark" figure, then it can range from $1,000 to as much as $20,000. However, most small to medium size city clients pay between $1,000 to $3,000.

The Truth - Not ALL SEOs Are Created Equal

We all know that in the Santa Clara Valley, anyone can stand up a website and call themselves an expert. After all, there's no accreditation in the marketing industry. So how can you possibly tell apart the professionals from the phonies? Anybody can talk the talk, but can they walk the walk?  The answer, ask them where they rank.

Some Of Our Current Google Rankings:

  • Sacramento SEO – #1/2
  • Best Sacramento SEO – #1
  • Sacramento SEO expert – #1
  • Sacramento SEO consultant – #1
  • Instagram marketing Sacramento -#1
  • Pinterest marketing Sacramento -#1
  • Sacramento Video Marketing (YouTube) - #1

How Could SEO Services Increase Your Return on Investment in San Jose, CA?

Thanks to the rapid increase in online searches in the recent years, SEO services in San Jose and higher ROI (Return on Investment) have become almost synonymous these days. Today, as the world has grown increasingly web-centric and Internet savvy, search marketing is taking precedence over traditional marketing channels like television, radio, and newspapers.

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Internet search is now a key part of everyday life around the world with nearly 87% of the Internet searchers use search engines to find specific information, products or services. Hence, high tech and even low tech companies are willing to leverage this growing trend to improve their return on investment. Not surprisingly, a large number of San Jose businesses are turning to search engine optimization services for better return on investment.

How SEO Services Can Help Your ROI

Search Services vs. Yellow Pages 

It is no exaggeration to say that yellow pages are simply extinct these days in San Jose, CA. They no longer work as well as they once were. Especially here in the entire silicon valley and surrounding  bay area. People no longer turn to yellow pages to find your business. Instead, they use search engines to find your products and services. This is because finding information on a specific service provider in the yellow pages has become a painful experience for many.

On the other hand, search engines have proved to be the most effective tool for dishing out accurate and relevant information in a fraction of a second. Hence, people have switched to search engines. For business owners, being visible in the yellow pages is an expensive deal as they have to advertise in multiple yellow pages and pay hefty amount to be published on individual pages. It adds to their cost and does not yield much result to many, more often than not. Modern digital search marketing services are much less expensive an option and bring definitive result which can improve ROI as well.

Search Services vs. Email Marketing:

The burgeoning spam emails have dented the credibility of email marketing it once used to enjoy. Many studies on the impact of email marketing indicate a less-than-effective influence on the prospects as only 3 out of 10 recipients tend to click on the emails. The open rates of email marketing have gone down drastically.

Search marketing, on the other hand, helps your business becomes visible in the SERPs of major search engines that attract many potential clicks leading higher conversion rates. Therefore, search services offer better return on investment for your business.

Search Services vs. Paid Marketing:

According to another statistics recently published, the traffic from organic search results is 30% more likely to convert to sales than the results for pay-per-click marketing. However, organic search results always win the race against paid marketing campaigns such as pay-per-click and banner marketing. The popularity of organic search engines results can be attributed to their being relevant and accurate. Again, unlike paid marketing, organic search services allow you to get traffic free of cost to your website.

Hence, spending on paid marketing campaign is not worth it unless if your ad budget is really huge. But, under the current economic scenario, few companies are willing to pay hefty payment. Hence, internet marketing services can offer better ROI than paid marketing channels.

These days, the Internet has outperformed the traditional marketing channels altogether on the basis of popularity. With the increasing number of high tech people located in San Jose, California using search engines to find specific information, marketers choosing search engine optimization  have greater chances of reaching out to their prospective clients.

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