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Social Media Marketing in Sacramento


At 7Storms, we realize that with awesome SEO services, there's multiple options and methods to driving traffic to your business. Therefore, besides ranking on the front page of Google, customers can also find you via social media.

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The Power of Social Media Marketing in Sacramento

For the business owners who are not familiar with social media, there's a lot more to it than meets the eye. It is not simply having a Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, Instagram, or Pinterest page. So it is important that you have a strong presence as these sites can provide people an anonymous and instant personal access to your business without actually being there to meet you in person. Therefore, it is a great tool to engage with people what happens behind the scenes and build rapport and trust for your brand or services. Because studies show that people are more likely to buy from someone they know and trust than from a stranger.

Social Media - It is More Than Necessary

Being visible on social platforms not only provides more exposure and credibility to your brand or service but literally opens up avenues or channels to your company that are not accessible by any other means, like through a Google search. Therefore, combining social media with SEO service will yield the most impactful one-two punch. 

Imagine living on planet Earth and having the world be your customer through Google now that you're ranked on the first page. You're doing pretty good, no doubt about it. However, give us the opportunity to perform our social magic and we guarantee it will blow your mind! Going back to our example, what 7Storms can do is build portals from the rest of the universe to Earth. That's right, instead of just having humanoids as your customers, you now have new and never before seen customers you never knew existed prior. 

We can create the ultimate social experience for your business. Imagine putting  your social media accounts on auto-pilot and having it grow exponentially with us. With an impressive social campaign, you will not only gain followers and likes but massive traffic for leads as well!

Instagram Marketing

What is Instagram? Instagram is a picture and video sharing social media platform with over 500 million and growing active members. It's a great platform for any business that want to further engage with fans to build rapport and goodwill towards their business.

Instagram is especially effective for local service and visual product oriented businesses such as auto service repair, real estate, to restaurants.

How can Instagram be used? Imagine a restaurant with a dynamic menu serving fresh ingredients and a catch of the day. Instead of waiting for customers to come in, the restaurant can post out pictures of the dishes to Instagram and inform all its fans of what's for dinner. This is a great way to promote and entice customers to come in.

Pinterest Marketing

What is Pinterest? Pinterest is a picture pinning and sharing social media platform with over 150 million and growing active members. It's a great platform for any business that want to advertise or promote products or services to drive traffic to their website for the conversion.

Pinterest is especially effective for businesses such as a herbal or spice retailer to jeweler.

How is Pinterest best used? Picture a jewelry business with many categories of products. The business can pin pictures of all their products with each picture containing a link to their website. Customers search for jewelry on Pinterest and find their pictures. Then, the customer clicks on the picture to go to the jewelry website for more information.


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