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The ultimate guide to keep your online reputation intact

In the yester years, your reputation was only as good as those close to you made it. The testimonies of your family, friends and foes were what made your reputation. A favorable word of mouth from a colleague was good enough to land you a big job or a business deal you had been chasing.

But today, the tide has turned and you find yourself in strange territories. Online reputation is becoming increasingly crucial. To get a good job or for your business to flourish you must have an outstanding online repute.

For individuals who have a name to guard and companies with a brand to protect, online reputation is an invaluable asset. Lose it and you will spend a lifetime to get it back. Unless, you come to us at 7Storms: the makers and keepers of excellent online status. We keep your reputation slate clean, help you recover your battered reputation and keep it from any future pitfalls that can ruin your online standing.

Thanks to us, 7Storms, it is no longer difficult to keep an unscathed name on social media. We understand the importance of a good online standing and we know how to keep a spotless internet reputation. Just try us.

Why keeping a clean online reputation really matters

In this digital era, you had better watch out what you say or do. You never know when this or that comment will become relevant in a business deal you so much want to close or a dream job that you could miss because of an online spat you had with a total stranger.

So, why does online reputation matter?

Doing business is pegged on a good online name

Online business is a booming affair. As matter of fact, the world owes most of its young billionaires to this digital boom. Individuals as well as companies are making millions from simple and easy-to-run online ventures. What they rely on is a good internet name: a name that has no dirt associated with it and a name endorsed by customers. If you dream of a successful online business, one of the prices you have to pay is a clean internet reputation.

Many companies are hiring online

Approximately 92% of U.S. companies screen and hire potential candidates online. On the same note, 34% of human resource managers have dismissed qualified candidates based on their poor online reputation score. It does not matter you passed your undergraduate or Master’s degree with flying colors; your online problems are making you unemployable.

Customers check online reviews before they can buy from you

Today’s customers are techno savvy. Before they can commit to buy or use your service, they must go over online reviews. They want to know your reputation before using their hard-earned cash on whatever you are selling. With more that 65% of global customers having access to mobile internet, your online name is becoming an important determinant to online business.

Partnerships are forged after online background check

No company or individual wants to be in bed with a scammer. How do they make sure of that? It is from your online footprints where your background check is done. Any little dirt and your partnership deal falls apart.

It influences your college admission

You could have the grades, meet all the college prerequisites, and still end up missing on that chance. You are thinking, this cannot happen. Yes, it can happen. In fact, it is already happening. Over 82% of colleges are using Facebook to search for potential students. If your Facebook activities betray you, the chance to that prestigious college will be just that: a dream.

Online records are permanent

You may not need your online reputation right now, but in the future you will. When that time comes, your online records will be staring back at you. You can delete them but they will not go anywhere. It may be something you posted ten years ago and may be you forgot about it. Just you know; internet may be moving at a first pace but it is the slowest when it comes to forgetting. Whatever you do on it will come to haunt you like a fresh red smear on a white shirt.

Is there help for you?

Fortunately, yes, there is help in managing your online reputation. It is paramount to be careful with what you say or do online. If it spins out of control, we are here to help you. We know how to handle every situation depending on what you need. We have overcome many reputation storms and yours is not a unique problem.

How to repair your soiled online name

Unfortunately, it will not take two weeks or one month to earn back your lost internet status. We know it is a bitter pill to swallow. Reputation management is a process. Ask those who have garnered millions of followers on different social media platforms and they will tell they had to work for it (even sweat to earn it). As fate would have it, only a single mistake can bring down all that online fame you have taken a lifetime to build.

Lucky for you, we are here to help. Having taken you through on what we do, made you understand why your online reputation is important; nothing can be lost forever. We know how to build internet reputation from scratch, we know how to repair damaged reputation as well as guard your online standing from any unforeseen circumstances.

Come to us today and let us, your Sacramento SEO expert, help you create a spotless online name. With us, you can achieve all that you set out to because online reputation holds the key to your success and failure in equal measures.

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