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About - 7Storms

7Storms is an internet marketing consultant of premium search engine optimization (SEO) services. Our journey is dedication to providing the best Sacramento SEO services to local businesses. We specialize in driving traffic to your company's website by gaining it visibility at the front of the search engines (i.e, Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc).

We have a special team of search engine optimization gurus, web site designers, coders, social media strategists, and video marketers. By thinking outside-the-box, we innovate methods that have been proven successful for our customers. However, although we do not guarantee rankings, we do excel at delivering results and providing a tremendous value.

Before contacting any local online marketer, take these factors into consideration in order to make the best marketing investment for your business.

Established Business - Make sure the marketing business is licensed and established as there are many fly by night scammers out there! Some, offering false promises of page one rankings or even the  number one overall rank for ridiculously low prices. Then, they may even promise to do it in only a month's time. As the saying goes, if it's too good to be true, it's most likely is. So the goal of these individuals is simple, and that is merely to extract funds from your business. And, should you be able to reach them, they will tell you that they're "working on it". However, your rankings have not improved much, if anything at all. Because, performing proper search engine optimization takes time and in reality takes on average six to ten months.

Testimonials - Before signing any contracts, please validate if the business has any REAL testimonials. If not, you should take extra precaution. However, even if they do, please keep in mind that not all testimonials are created equal. As nowadays, anyone with a camera can make a testimony. Therefore, carefully watch each video or read each testimony for genuineness.

Proof of Ranking - This seems like it's common sense but many business owners do not ask for proof of ranking, they just take someone's word for it. Unless this business is truly reputable, do not be afraid to ask them for proof of rankings. If they cannot show a customer's site as proof, then ask them where their SEO site ranks and in what city/state/location.

With all that said, contact us through the discovery form and we will get back to you with a video review. Then, you see for yourself why we're the best Sacramento SEO company!

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